($225 + $5 credit card processing fee)


Join Our Fabulous Variety Show on stage for our 6th annual production of TAP: An Evening of Rhythm. This production brings the history of tap to life on stage as we explore the different genres, incarnations, legends and styles of tap through the years! Join Tap Pro Aaron Tolson on stage at the beautiful John Drew Theater in Guild Hall, experience a professional show with dressing rooms, exquisite lighting and tech, and dance instruction from Anita Boyer and OFVS teach artists. 


Registration includes:

  • All rehearsals for the show
  • Show video digital download
  • Professional performance photos
  • Professional instruction with the OFVS teaching staff
  • Invaluable professional theatre experience at the renowned John Drew Theatre at Guild Hall and our professional tech crew
  • Opportunity to perform with professional tap dancers
  • 2 complimentary tickets that may be used at any performance
  • Access to five $10 tickets that may be used for any performance in select seating areas. (NOT valid for box seats)
  • Tickets can only be purchased online, via phone with valid credit card or at the Guild Hall box office during select posted OFVS Box Office Hours and payment is due at time of purchase. 



TAP Show Registration

  • I, or my child, agrees to participate and perform in the Our Fabulous Variety Show Inc. (OFVS) production TAP: An Evening of Rhythm. I agree to attend the rehearsals I am scheduled for, which have been assigned to me based on my availability, and not to miss mandatory rehearsal and show dates. Tech rehearsals are mandatory and tardiness and absence will NOT be permitted. Missing or being late to these rehearsals could result in you/your performer not being permitted to perform or a change in their role. 


    I agree to the role assigned to me, or my performer, and will not question the decisions of the directors. 


    I agree that I am part of a TEAM when I register to be part of the cast of this production. As such I acknowledge that there are no small or unimportant roles, that my entire cast is counting on me to be present at my rehearsals, and that I should be prepared with proper attire and shoes for all rehearsals and performances. 


    I understand that Our Fabulous Variety Show Inc. has a NO-TOLERANCE DRUG AND ALCOHOL policy that pertains to any and all rehearsals, shows, press events, or any professional gathering of the cast. At no time will any drugs or alcohol be permitted to be consumed by cast, crew members, or volunteers that are involved with the show during the above mentioned times. Should a cast member, crew member, or volunteer be witnessed consuming alcohol or drugs they will be asked to leave the premises immediately and will be removed from the production. They will NOT receive compensation for their participation in the show.



    For valuable consideration received, I hereby grant to Our Fabulous Variety Show Inc. and his/her legal representatives and assigns, the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs and videos of me, or in which I may be included, for editorial trade, advertising, and any other purpose and in any manner or medium; and to alter the same without restriction from the productions of Tap: An Evening of Rhythm. I hereby release Our Fabulous Variety Show Inc. and his or her legal representatives and assigns from all claims and liability relating to said photographs and videos.



    For valuable consideration received, I hereby grant that Our Fabulous Variety Show Inc. and his/her legal representatives and assigns, are not liable for any injury, perceived or real, sustained during, before, or after a rehearsal, gathering or performance for TAP: An Evening of Rhythm.


    I have read the entire contract and commit to be a part of the 2020 Our Fabulous Variety Show Inc. production of TAP: An Evening of Rhythm. I understand that any artistic creation or intellectual property during the rehearsal process is the sole property of Our Fabulous Variety Show Inc. and the producers. I understand that I will not be permitted to perform any of the choreography, original songs, original dialogue, or anything else that was created as a part of this production outside of the official performances with Our Fabulous Variety Show Inc. I will be compensated for my part in the production either with professional training, opportunities for discounted tickets, complimentary tickets, and if I am hired as a professional performer, a stipend per performance. I agree to come to rehearsals on time, prepared to work and with a positive attitude and to bring my best for every performance. Failure to do any of the above will forfeit my place in the cast for this show. 

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