“Our Fabulous Variety Show is a special part of our community. They have given kids, teens and adults the opportunity to sing, act, dance and be part of a stage crew in a professional and safe environment. Their shows are unique and family friendly and a lot of time is spent making sure that each performers talents are showcased in the best possible way.


Anita and Kasia are dedicated and passionate about each show and put their love, sweat and tears into each line, dance and song. They are confident and strong woman who are great role models for children in our community. As a parent, I feel lucky to have my daughter involved with this organization and can’t thank them enough for the amazing opportunities they have given her.”

— Melissa King

I do say, doth bubbles do bounce ✨ #ofvs

"Our Fabulous Variety Show has made such a positive impact on the community! The young ladies and gentleman that are involved in the productions gain a wealth of knowledge about the inner-workings of theater and all of its demands. More importantly they learn many valuable life lessons - working on a team, meeting deadlines, managing a demanding schedule, facing fears and persevering through those fears. The students end the production with more confidence and a sense of accomplishment and pride - what they worked so hard for came to fruition. And, it was FABULOUS! What more could we want for our youth?"


— Beth Doyle

Principal John M. Marshall Elementary School

East Hampton, NY


“OFVS is the best introduction to performance a young person could have. It’s everything that theatre should be: team work, story exploration, self-discovery, and playfulness. Kasia and Anita bring such joy, humor and love to every moment - it is infectious! ”

— Chloë Dirksen


“My daughter Mary has performed in 10 shows with OFVS. With each show her confidence & talent grows. We are so lucky to have such an amazing opportunity for Mary right in our home town. Kasia & Anita are such strong role models for our youth. I highly recommend OFVS for both young and old. The Tap Show last spring had performers from 4 years old to 84!!!! You are never too young or to old!!”

— Ellen McDonald